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Best Wedding Venues
Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo offers a variety of different wedding venue options to help you plan your dream wedding. Fargo offers everything from beautiful ballroom wedding venues to more laid back wedding venues such as the Red River zoo. 

The Avalon Events Center, Fargo ND

The outside of the Avalon looks like it might have more of a laid back hotel space inside but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Once you enter the doors, you are immediately surrounded by high class and elegance. The Avalon is the perfect indoor ballroom venue that is not a typical hotel venue. 

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The Delta Hotel, Fargo, ND

For Hotel venues, the Delta Hotel has a beautiful option. They have several ballrooms to choose from based on your wedding size, and allow you to have a classy, indoor event. They also have a nice dance floor, and depending on your style you can make the space as elegant or as simple as you would like to. 

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The Red River Zoo, Fargo, ND

As far as non-traditional options go, the Red River Zoo is probably the most untraditional venue in Fargo! It is the perfect space for a beautiful outdoor wedding reception. On the day of your wedding, your guests can all enter the zoo free of charge to them, so if there is time between your ceremony and reception, they have something fun to do! The zoo offers options for tents of different sizes, and some indoor space for smaller weddings if you want to be comfortable in AC. 

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The Holiday Inn, Fargo, ND

Located in the heart of Fargo, right across from the mall, stands this hotel wedding venue. With multiple sized ballroom options, this hotel can be perfect for any sized occasion! 

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The Yard, Moorhead MN

The Yard is a Beautiful venue just south of Moorhead right next to the Red River. It is the perfect place for a beautiful, outdoor reception and has plenty of beautiful places for taking pictures. It’s gorgeous chandeliers promote a sense of classic elegance, and the option for a tent to house your dining tables allows for the perfect experience during your dinner time. 

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The sanctuary events center, Fargo, ND

The Sanctuary Events Center is nestled in the heart of Downtown Fargo and creates a beautiful reception area for the wedding of your dreams! 

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