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Why I Wish I had Done a First Look

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On my own wedding day, my husband and I chose to do our first look in the more ‘traditional’ manner, where we didn’t see each other prior to the ceremony. Looking back now, I probably would have done it differently. Here’s why:

1.) It was stressful and made both of us way more nervous
Not seeing each other before the ceremony was our personal choice, but now looking back, it was super stressful for both of us. When you don’t see each other before the ceremony, you end up being way more nervous the whole time leading up to your ceremony. Now working with brides, they are usually stressed until they see their groom, but once they see the groom, their stress seems to melt away.

2.) We had far less portraits with each other than we would have hoped for.
Even though our ceremony was earlier in the day, we didn’t have as many portraits together as we would have hoped for. Having a first look would have given us the opportunity to have more time in the day for pictures with each other. When you have a first look, you will have multiple opportunities for portraits, and the ability to go to multiple locations. It’s like an insurance policy to make sure you get great images. If you don’t see each other, you will have one opportunity for pictures together.

3.) We didn’t get to experience each other’s initial reactions to how good we looked
Ok, so we did get to see each other’s facial reactions and my husband did tear up when I came down the aisle, and we were able to whisper to each other, however we weren’t able to have that moment together to react freely to how each other looked. When you set aside time outside of the ceremony to see each other, you are allowed to react however you would like, with no restrictions.

4.) Having a first look would have allowed us a moment together by ourselves.
Our whole day were were surrounded by other people. Throughout our whole day we didn’t have a moment by ourselves to soak it all in. Regardless if you choose to do a first look or not, I encourage all my couples to take 5-10 minutes to themselves at some point during the day. Doing a first look allows for more opportunities for alone time, whether you take a moment right after the first look or you take a moment later on in the day.

5.) You look your best with fresh faces and fresh clothing.
Getting all your formal photos done with both of you as soon as possible allows you to still have fresh hair and make-up and look your best!

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