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St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church – Moorhead MN

St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church is one of Moorhead’s two Catholic churches. This church is simple, with carpet throughout the whole sanctuary. The celebration of the mass here is marked with beautiful tradition but also a contemporary feel to go along with the interior feel of the church. This church is also home to the Guadalupe Ministry, and offers mass in both English and Spanish.

General Aesthetic

The church is built with pews on three sides of the alter. The pews have padding on them to aide in comfort. The baptismal font is placed at the back of the church. The ceilings are high and windows at the top allow for natural light to come in. This church tends to be more contemporary in its liturgy and music.

Noteworthy Features

St. Francis has a lot of natural light that comes into the chapel. It is a well lit space. One thing to note is that the tabernacle is not behind the alter. Instead, there is a room at the back of the Sanctuary that houses the tabernacle. on the sides of the church, there is a series of beautiful stain glass windows. 

Accommodations for Wedding Ceremonies

Within this church, there is plenty of seating for several hundred people. There is a large gathering space for a receiving line right at the back of the church. Traditions for Hispanic couples are welcome here. 

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