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Real vs. Fake Wedding Flowers

In this blog post, we will discuss real flowers vs. fake flowers on the wedding day. Flowers play a big part of the wedding day. For many brides, the idea of walking down the isle with a bouquet of her favorite flowers has been a dream since she was very young. Flowers add a sense of beauty and are a great way to express your own unique taste on your big day.

But the question remains – should you have real flowers or fake flowers for your big day? Let’s Discuss,

The Allure of Real Flowers

First, let’s discuss the choice of using real flowers for your wedding day. Here are three reasons you might

  1. Natural Beauty: Real flowers are naturally beautiful. Although now there are many different options for fake flowers that look realistic, nothing compares to the natural beauty that real flowers showcase.
  2. Symbolism: Real flowers generally have meanings attached to them. Using the symbolism of the flowers, you can express yourself even further. For instance, white roses represent loyalty, purity, and innocence, while sunflowers represent a long life and lasting happiness. Doing some research into the meanings of specific flowers can inspire your choice even more!
  3. Photographic Appeal: It is no secret that real flowers photograph just a little bit better than fake flowers. The beauty of real flowers is unmatched, and will add an elegance to your wedding photos that fake flowers might fall short of.

The Practicality of Fake Wedding Flowers

Now let’s discuss the positives of adding Fake Flowers to your wedding day. Especially now with so many different options for fake flowers from wood to foam to fabric, there is something for everyone! Fake flowers no longer have to look tacky and can be a beautiful addition to your wedding day. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of fake flowers.

  1. Longevity: Fake flowers naturally are more durable than real flowers. If you are concerned that your flowers might wilt due to weather, fake flowers are an option that will stand whatever might happen during your wedding day.  They are a less stress option, don’t need to be kept in water or the refrigerator, and offer you the possibility to keep them for years after your wedding as a keepsake.
  2. Budget-Friendly: Let’s face it, flowers are expensive. Real flowers will take up a substantial part of your budget, but for anyone looking to save a few dollars fake flowers can be a great option. Real bouquets can be hundreds of dollars, but you can make some beautiful fake bouquets for a fraction of the price.
  3. No Allergies: Fake flowers can save you if you have concerns that you or your guests might react adversely to real flowers. They are a safer option to avoid sneezing should you have concerns that allergies might be a problem.

Making the Decision of Real vs. Fake Flowers

So which type of flowers should you choose for your big day? The decision can be difficult for many people, but there are some key things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Personal Preferences: Your personal preference should always be taken into consideration first. If you have always dreamed of walking down the aisle with a certain type of flower, you should be able to do so. Your flowers should also match the over all style of your wedding.
  2. Logistics: Logistically, as we discussed above, real flowers take a little more planning than fake flowers. You will need to consider the logistics of transportation and storage of the flowers and whether that is feasible for your wedding day and venue. Should you choose to use real flowers on your wedding day, it’s a good idea to assign a bridesmaid or personal attendant to ensuring that the flowers get delivered and stored correctly.
  3. Combining Both: Can you mix real and fake flowers? Of course! Many brides opt for a real bouquet for themselves, but then save money and stress by using fake flowers for all the other arrangements on their wedding day. This allows more emphasis to be placed on them and their flowers, and allows the fake flowers to beautifully compliment their bouquet.


In conclusion, there are many different ways that you could choose to incorporate flowers into your wedding day and there are pros and cons to each choice. Real flowers offer an elegant style to your day, but there are many considerations that you must take into account on keeping them fresh and beautiful.  Fake flowers, on the other hand offer a budget friendly less stress option.

Ultimately, there is no wrong answer to which style you choose, and I encourage you to make a choice that aligns with your style, personality and vision for your big day.

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