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Essential Maid/Matron of Honor Duties

When you are picking out your maid of honor, sometimes you know immediately who that special person will be. Other times it can difficult to narrow down between a couple of good friends which one will actually get the role. But what role does the maid of honor actually play on your wedding day?

The Maid of Honor Helps Plan the Shower/Bachelorette Party

This is a typical role of most maids of honor. They will be the ones planning the these key moments in your journey towards becoming a bride. You will want to make sure that your maid of honor knows your preferences for your bachelorette party so that no surprises on that day.

Sign the Marriage Certificate

This is probably the most important part of the jobs that your maid of honor has. After your ceremony, they will be signing the marriage certificate as a witness to your marriage. Your maid of honor is one of your official witnesses to your marriage.

Assists with Bathroom Duties

When you have your wedding dress on, you will most likely need help while using the restroom. Technically, you can have whoever you want come into the room to assist you, but this job tends to fall on the maid of honor to be able to attend with you and keep your dress up and out of the way.

Arranging The Bridal Train

If you have any sort of train on your dress, the maid of honor can help out to ensure that it is properly spread out for pictures. Sometimes the photographer will step in to arrange it during family photos, but there are times (Such as during the ceremony) that your maid of honor will have solo responsibility of making sure that it looks good. Along with that, it is often her job to carry your train until you see your groom. (And then he is often eager to take over!). She will also be one of the ones helping you to bustle your train, so taking her along to your bridal appointments might help you out on your big day!

Pre-Wedding Support

Your maid of honor is there to support you throughout your pre-wedding preparations. This can include anything you want it to, but often includes accompanying you to dress fittings, helping to model potential bridesmaid dresses, helping shop for wedding décor, being a listening ear when you need her to be, and anything else you might need help with!

Wedding Toast

As one of the honored guests at your wedding, the maid of honor can expect to deliver a short speech to your guests after dinner. This is the time when she can tell anything she would like to about you and your relationship with her. Some couples do opt to omit the speeches, so it is totally up to you whether you would like to continue on with this tradition!

Anything Else You Need Help With!

The above are things that many people assign to their maid of honor, but the list doesn’t stop there. The maid of honor is one of the key people in your bridal party that can help with literally any task on your wedding day. Other tasks might include delivering letters between you and your beloved before you see each other, gathering family for photos, helping decorate/cleanup, ensuring that you drink water throughout the day, and the list goes on. She is there to support you and help you as she can, so having a conversation about what you need prior to your big day will help everyone know what to expect and let the day go smoothly!

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